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Welcome in the world of Sensors & Measurement Technology 

Search & find all manufacturers and suppliers of sensors and measurement systems in the Sens2B - Sensor to Business database. Learn & understand the applications & technologies for your current and future projects, thanks to thousands of technical articles, product descriptions, product news & application examples of sensors and measuring devices in all major industry sectors.

Find all manufacturers and suppliers of sensors, detectors & measurement devices in the following categories & sections:

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Position, dimension

Sensors & measuring systems for angle, displacement, distance, inclination, limit, position, presence, proximity, etc.

Mechanical, dynamical

Sensors & measuring systems for force, acceleration, inertia, motion, shock, speed, strain, torque, vibration, weight, etc.

Pressure, flow & level

Sensors & measuring systems for absolute, differential, gauge pressure, mass, volume flow, bulk, liquid, level, etc...

Chemical, biological, environment

Sensors & measuring systems for Air Quality / air pollution, Carbon dioxide, Hydrocarbon, Hydrogen, Methane, Oxygen, etc.

Temperature, humidity, weather

Sensors & measuring systems for air pressure, dew point, heat flow, humidity, rain, smoke, temperature, wind, etc.

Vision & identification

Sensors & measuring systems for cameras, image sensors, code detection, object detection, identification, vision sensors, etc.

Inertial Systems, Motion

Sensors & measuring systems for Acceleration, Gyros, Inertial Systems, Inclinometers, IMU, AHRS, INS, etc.

Body, human, medical

Sensors & measuring systems for biomechanics, blood flow, blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate, etc.

Optical and radiation

Sensors & measuring systems for colour, fluorescence, light, luminescence, luminosity, radiation, turbidity, UV, visible light, etc.

Electrical and magnetic

Sensors & measuring systems for electrical current, eddy current, electrical field, magnetic field, cos Phi, voltage, etc.

Acoustic parameters

Sensors & measuring systems for noise, loudness, microphone, resonance, sound analysis, ultrasound, etc.

Data acquisition, Signal conditioning, Display

Calibration, Data acquisition, Display & visualization, Signal amplification, conditioning, transmission, etc.

Sensor Technologies

Sensor technologies / measurement principles

Sectors of activity

Sectors of activity / Application sectors

Automotive Sensors

Sensors & measuring systems for automotive applications (AutomotiveSens)

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