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Fail-safe measuring equipment with a wide range of application  options

Fail-safe measuring equipment with a wide range of application options

06 April 2023
Sensor+Test 2023, Hall 1 booth 1-628: T&D Corporation presents data logger solutions for measuring temperature, humidity, milliamps, voltage and more

Matsumoto (Japan), April 2023 – At SENSOR+TEST 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany, T&D Corporation will showcase monitoring solutions that can be customized to meet individual needs and are perfect for logging various conditions e.g. in medical and laboratory environments. At the show, T&D will display versatile wireless data logger systems including the RTR500B series, the Bluetooth-enabled TR7A series WiFi loggers, handy TR4A series Bluetooth loggers, and the matching software applications for error-free workflow and documentation.

T&D offers versatile data loggers that can be adapted to the individual safeguarding needs, for example, of logistics, cold chain, HVAC, laboratories, medicine and forensics, and guarantee high-performance recording of various parameters. The RTR500B series is compatible with HTTPS - an encrypted communication feature that ensures the highest level of security. In addition, users can monitor and adjust settings not only from a PC, but also a smartphone or the cloud.

The wireless communication range between the base unit and remote units is approximately 150 meters (500ft). By adding a base unit, such as RTR500BC, which also functions as a repeater, to the free cloud-based T&D WebStorage feature, recorded data can be automatically uploaded, managed and accessed anytime, anywhere. T&D's RTR500 series includes the RTR-574 for monitoring illuminance, UV intensity, temperature and humidity. The RTR-576 can measure CO2 concentration, and the RTR-500DC is a wireless, portable data collector that can be used in conjunction with the RTR-500B series. The new RTR500B series instruments are compatible with the earlier RTR-500 series, but also have Bluetooth capability. The recorded data can be analyzed with the free and powerful T&D Graph software, which can also be used in conjunction with the T&D WebStorage cloud service and the PC-based T&D Data server.

The easy-to-use TR4A series is particularly suitable for the transport and storage of food and medical goods, but also for monitoring laboratories and exhibition rooms in museums, among others. The small devices monitor the temperature in the environment or in cold rooms, which is essential for the preservation of laboratory samples. The TR4A series includes four models, one of which is waterproof and two of which are splashproof. Each model offers different sensor types and measurement ranges from -199°C up to 1960°C and 10 to 95% RH for different application requirements.

The Thermo Recorder TR7A series is ideal for temperature and humidity monitoring. Models in the range – including the TR71A, TR72A, TR72A-S and TR75A – offer multiple types of communication interface. They cover a spectrum from -199 °C up to 1760°C and can measure humidity from 0 to 99% RH.

Furthermore, the software application used with the TR71A and TR75A has a "Vaccine Mode", making them suitable for accurately monitoring and recording vaccine temperatures. All TR7A series units use a wireless LAN access point to automatically upload recorded data and alerts to the free cloud-based "T&D WebStorage Service" or a Windows PC running "T&D Data Server" software. The T&D Webstorage Service is securely accessible from a computer via internet and smartphone, or tablet via the Thermo mobile app connection, and allows the user to adjust settings, download and share recorded data, view graphs and generate reports. The loggers can also be connected to a PC via USB to access the same information and services. Interested visitors will receive detailed explanations from experts on all T&D data loggers and services at the booth.

About T&D Corporation:

The Japanese T&D Corporation was founded 1986 in Matsumoto. The company name derives from “try and develop” and emphasizes the company’s ambition to create innovative products with a high degree of practical usefulness. A milestone was the development of the first temperature data logger in 1994. For the twenty-six years since then, T&D has been at the forefront of creating new data loggers to meet the current customer’s demand for unlimited nonstop access to data. Production takes place in a high-tech site in Matsumoto, Japan, and since 2003, T&D Corporation has been exporting its wireless data loggers worldwide. Presently, the company has over 80 distributors worldwide and head offices in both North America and Europe

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