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IB6, Modular Inertial 6 axis Box

IB6, Modular Inertial 6 axis Box

04 October 2012

Texys International is proud to release its new Inertial Box, IB6.

We have been supplying for a while our range of accelerometers and gyroscopes for Embedded Testing.

Regular requests from our customers drive us to propose a modular product to get the 6 axis (3 accelerations and 3 angular speeds ) within the same housing.

The IB6 Inertial Box allows our customer to choose :

X and Y axis range for the accelerometer and also the technology, Gas or Capacitive.

Z axis range for the accelerometer could be different as well as the technology ( separate unit)

Each range for the 3 axis gyroscope is either 50°/S, 100°/S or 150°/s. We have also decided to use a military connector to get a clean installation.

Dimensions …. Weight….

Texys international has been developing for more than 10 years a range of sensors suitable for embedded Testing for Automotive applications.

Our sensors are used when conditions are space limit and harsh environment.

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