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Compact inductive sensor for up to 10 millimeter distance

Compact inductive sensor for up to 10 millimeter distance

10 February 2023

Sensor expert Baumer once more raises the bar for compact inductive sensors. Though miniature in size, new sensor IF200 detects distance and metallic objects within a range of up to 10 millimeters. This is unrivalled performance in 20x42x15 mm design (WxLxH). Furthermore, the inductive distance sensor in robust plastic housing defies increased ambient temperatures of up to 75 degrees Celsius and, thanks to the proven Baumer sensor technology, features an exceptionally low temperature drift of 2% throughout the entire sensing range.

Ideal for many applications in factory automation

Thanks to the extended measuring distance, compact IF200 inductive measuring distance is ideal for tasks in factory automation, for example:

  • Tether arm control at labeling or packaging machines to monitor
  • Belt tension end positions control
  • Monitoring roller concentricity
  • Precise distance measurement in the micrometer range

Depending on the variant, ultra-precise linearized measured values with 3 micrometer resolution are provided either via IO link or as analog voltage signals. Here, digital transmission provides the benefit of making shielded cables and high-resolution A/D converter card superfluous in precise distance measurements. Both IO-Link variants are dual channel capable and besides IO-Link ready digital output provide additional switching or analog voltage output. The version with additional analog output correspondingly replaces predecessor IWFK 20 where users want to benefit of the digital interface: easy parameterization, comprehensive diagnostic data such as histograms, temperature, switching cycles, boot cycles and many more.

Flexible sensor model simplifies inventory management

Various filter settings, a measuring range easy to adjust and numerous additional functions - the IF200 family provides individual parameterization at maximum flexibility in use. This will cut down product variety and inventory costs, since the same sensor can be used in diverse applications. During sensor operation, the LED indicators of IF200 enable user-friendly reading of supply, switching states and teach feedback.

Every product variant allows for teaching via the qTeach feature. For teaching measuring range or switching distance, a touch with a ferromagnetic tool is sufficient.

With IF200, Baumer adds another best-in-class product to the sensor toolbox for maximum process reliability and system uptime.

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