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New eddy current sensors with wider measuring ranges and high  accuracy

New eddy current sensors with wider measuring ranges and high accuracy

26 July 2022

Otterfing, 14.07.2022. With the new eddy current sensor series T14/T20/T40, eddylab GmbH has developed eddy current sensors especially for wide measuring ranges.

With an extended measuring range up to 45mm, the new eddy current sensor series completes the product portfolio of eddylab GmbH and at the same time combines all advantages of a non-contact eddy current measuring principle: With wear-free distance and displacement measurement, eddy current sensors are characterized by highest precision and dynamics. The new T14/T20/T40 series can withstand extreme temperatures in a range of -40...+150 °C without any problems and is insensitive to external influences such as dirt and dust.

"With the T14/T20/T40 eddy current sensor series, we want to open up new fields of application," emphasizes Payam Andreas Saghafi, CEO of eddylab GmbH. "The new sensors with measuring ranges between 14 mm and 45 mm are also extremely compact and robust. This makes them ideal for use in difficult industrial environments or vibration measurements with larger amplitudes."

Precise measurement - perfect analyzation

Together with the TX electronics from eddylab GmbH and the eddy current software eddyMOTION, measurement data can be analyzed, visualized, and documented. In addition to the configuration of the sensor technology, eddyMOTION also offers on-site linearization of eddy current sensors.

About eddylab

eddylab is a modern company, which passionately designs, constructs, and produces sensors for the measurement of distances and positions. We eventually provide entire system solutions. The company’s product portfolio includes eddy current probes, inductive transducers, laser sensors, draw wire sensors, digital gauges, digital rulers, digital magnetic scales, display controls and signal conditioner. Besides our standard products in stock for a plenitude of industrial applications our strength is the development of custom-made sensors. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop ultra-precise sensors true to the motto "sensors – built to perform".

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