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New Baumer light barrier: High-performant and economical

New Baumer light barrier: High-performant and economical

12 June 2023

By the new optical sensors of the O330 family, sensor expert Baumer adds a breath of fresh air to the standard class of compact light barriers and photoelectric proximity switches: enhanced performance reserve capacity for reliable object detection and with extra smart features such as 3D MCAD data with integrated beam path. O330 adds particularly economical and performant sensors in space-saving designs to the Baumer portfolio of optical sensors.

Smart extras for fast implementation

Baumer provides these secondary 3D MCAD data for the O330 sensors as a starting point, and there are plans to add more sensors in the future. These data ease designing work right at the stage of selecting the right sensor. Such data enable easy visual prechecks with the help of a 3D preview. Furthermore, the 3D models integrate the beam path which therefore eliminates manual construction effort. This will reduce error potential and engineering time. Thanks to qTarget, the smart Baumer standard, the beam paths in the 3D MCAD model reliably comply with reality which ensures time-savings from the design stage to installation. Sensor installation as designed does not require further alignment, so the sensor is virtually ready for use immediately.

Optionally even with linear light beam – unparalleled in this performance class

O330 performs even higher thanks to enhanced performance reserve capacities, particularly when detecting dark, irregular or perforated objects. Here, diffuse sensors with background suppression characterize by their extended detection range of 385 mm, the linear light beam with PinPoint LED and extremely high immunity to ambient light. The product variant with linear light beam is unrivalled in this price category.

Robust metal connector and user-friendly features

There are even more product benefits such as robust metal connector, LED display visible throughout 360 degrees and easy teaching by the proven Baumer qTeach: Just a touch with a ferromagnetic object will suffice for easy, reproducible and tamper-proof sensor teaching.

O 330 with high performance reserve capacity is predestined for reliable object detection in intralogistics, electronics manufacturing, textile machines and packaging technology.

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