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2D vision-guided robotics with integrated distance measurement

2D vision-guided robotics with integrated distance measurement

20 November 2023
Combined solution of 2D image-guided robotics with integrated distance measurement for larger distances

Industrial automation is no longer imaginable today without robots. Our VISOR® Robotic vision sensor acts as the robot's "eye" and is used worldwide in image-guided robotics applications.

Everything in view, everything under control - the vision sensor for robotics applications

The VISOR® Robotic is part of the extensive VISOR® vision sensor family. With its five fast and robust detection methods for locating components, it represents the perfect solution for a wide variety of automation tasks. With the integrated Target Mark 3D technology, 3D object poses are determined in the shortest possible time. Thanks to the fully automatable and flexible calibration methods, both stationary and mounting on the robot arm are possible.

In addition to its robotic functions, the VISOR® Robotic offers all inspection, measurement, and identification functions of the VISOR® framework.

Packed in a robust, compact housing, the vision sensor can capture images up to 5 megapixels. The evaluation of the results takes place directly in the camera, an additional PC is not required. With this range of functions and ease of use, the VISOR® Robotic is a leader on the market for 2D vision applications.

A combination of 2D image-guided robotics and precise, integrated distance measurement

The VISOR® Robotic +Z combines a vision sensor for robotics and the function of a distance sensor in a single device. This combination enables the functionalities of the VISOR® Robotic to be expanded by providing precise depth information. The distance measurement is based on triangulation and expands SensoPart's product portfolio in the field of triangulation sensors - previously limited to a range of 1000 mm - to an extended range of 150-2500 mm.

The integrated projection laser ensures reliable detection of variable distances, which are precisely evaluated by the VISOR® Robotic and transmitted directly to the robot controller. This proves to be particularly advantageous in the automotive industry. Here, the removal of body parts from load carriers plays an important role in the production process. In this application, the VISOR® Robotic +Z results in a significant reduction in the cycle time on the one hand and increased precision on the other. Thanks to the integrated distance measurement, the VISOR® can transmit the exact distance to the robot, which allows the robot to approach at accelerated speed and very precisely.

The VISOR® Robotic +Z presents a combined solution that combines the strengths of 2D vision-guided robotics with precise distance measurement for large distances.

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