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Why Braaten Technology uses Zemic strain gauges for their Subsea Load Monitor

Why Braaten Technology uses Zemic strain gauges for their Subsea Load Monitor

30 October 2023

Braaten Technology is a Norwegian company. They provide the subsea industry with remote controlled tools to be able to ensure good, efficient and safe working operations. Characteristic for Braaten Technology is that they are not just creating tools, they are committed to create a more sustainable future for this industry and for the environment by reducing the need of offshore vessels.

They saw a need for weight control in this industry. That is why they developed a new, revolutionary tool; the Subsea Load Monitor (SLM), that facilitates precise dynamic weight control at an astounding depth of up to 6000 meters!

Subsea operations are part of a complex industry where precision, reliability and efficiency are essential. To maintain the measuring quality of the Subsea Load Monitor compact strain gauges with high accuracy and durability are needed.

Due to the specific demands and the expertise of Zemic, Braaten Technology has chosen Zemic to be its supplier for the embedded strain gauges. Together with the engineering department we designed a custom strain gauge for the Subsea Load Monitor. Zemic is excited to be able to contribute to this patented innovation for the subsea industry and the potential.

Zemic Europe & Braaten Technology

  • Expertise in remote controlled solutions for the subsea industry
  • Subsea Load Monitor for precise and safe subsea lifting and monitoring tasks
  • Experienced engineers who design custom made weighing solutions
  • High quality strain gauges for accurate weighing at any varying subsea depths
  • Contributes to a sustainable future for the offshore industry

How Zemic Europe advised Braaten Technology

Braaten wanted to develop a remote controlled tool for subsea measurement that can be widely used from any distance; for exact weighing at great depths and suitable for heavy weights. In their search for suitable strain gauges they found Zemic. Zemic is a leading manufacturer and designer of strain gauges and force sensors. We offer a full range of strain gauges and also design customized products that are water resistant with high reliability.

Braaten explained the exact needs regarding the weighing function of the Subsea Load Monitor. Zemic designed a custom strain gauge which met with the customer specifications.

Which Zemic strain gauge is being used?

Strain gauges are usually installed on a surface to measure applied force. Given the specific requirements, Zemic has developed a custom strain gauge which seamlessly integrates with other necessary sensors.

Zemic has a specially equipped sensor department, for the design, sampling and production of custom made strain gauges and force sensors. Daily 325 engineers are working on special custom made force sensor and strain gauge solutions. We see it as a challenge to develop the best weighing solution for each project.

All of our strain gauges are produced according to the OIML R62 regulations and the RoHS environmental directives. You can find more information about our strain gauges; like the different types and characteristics, here:

More about the Subsea Load Monitor

The SLM is an underwater battery powered weight cell which displays the exact weight. It supports a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV); an unoccupied underwater robot, in handling underwater loads. Air balloons are used to lift the loads and it is capable of lifting everything.

The SLM is easy to use and prioritizes safety above all. By delivering real-time accurate weight data, they take the guesswork out of load management in challenging subsea environments.

It has 500 operational hours and the working load limit is 20000 kg (depending on the lifting lugs). To accurately measure weight on varying hydrostatic pressure levels at different depths, the tension valve works with various sensors.

The SLM offers a number of advantages. We list some of them here:

  • Enhance operational safety: With precise weight control, the risk of accidents decrease substantially. 
  • Improve efficiency and decrease associated costs: Accurate weight measurement eliminates guesswork, resulting in faster operations. 
  • Facilitate 24/7 operations: the SLM works around the clock, under all weather conditions, ensuring continuous productivity. 
  • Reduced CO2 emissions; the SLM minimizes the need for offshore vessels, which are large contributors to CO2 emissions.

The Subsea Load Monitor provides operators with the assurance they need to carry out their work efficiently and, most important, safely.

Braaten Technology now receives an increased number of requests from different subsea operations. Depending on the customers’ needs Braaten is able to deliver a tailored solution; they can adapt different characteristics of the SLM, like dimensions, capacities and design.

Your weighing expert is ready to help you

For all your questions about the integration of (custom-made) strain gauges, force sensors, load cells or miniature sensors, please feel free to contact our weighing expert:


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