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Precision commercial vehicles for highest productivity

Precision commercial vehicles for highest productivity

02 April 2024

The accuracy, durability and versatility of ASC’s inertial sensors make them ideal to optimize the output of commercial applications including construction technology, agricultural engineering, transportation and more. With its broad range of innovative accelerometers, gyroscopes and inertial measurement units, the company can realize tailor-made solutions meeting the highest demands and most challenging conditions.

Modular IMU ‘power pack’

With hundreds of configuration options, ASC’s modular inertial measurement unit concept IMU7 allows customized combinations of sensor technology for the testing and precise operation of excavators, cranes, grading and milling machines, trucks, agricultural machinery and other industrial vehicles. Not only does this optimize their performance, it also ensures efficient maintenance and maximizes economic outcomes overall.

To achieve this, ASC’s engineers liaise directly with the customer to properly understand the exact needs. Then, a sensor solution will typically be tailored to meet the defined specifications. Due to local manufacturing and reliable production partners, ASC is able to meet nearly any requirement, however unique.

Inertial sensors to optimize workflow and reduce re-work The company’s MEMS-based accelerometers, gyroscopes and IMUs come with a robust, compact design that flexibly fits the smallest spaces. They operate with significant precision and stability across all types of climates, weather conditions and a wide temperature range. Long-term durability and operational stability ensure reliable measurements outdoors while keeping the need for recalibration and maintenance low.

For example, typically around 30% or more of the grading to level or reshape the ground surface of construction sites or carve out the precise spaces for foundations, trenches or underground utilities consists of re-work. The use of precision sensor technology integrated in 2D guidance systems can eliminate that wastage and keep graders and excavators on track to dig out the exact shape and depth required. It allows any operator, however experienced, to dig and grade with the highest precision without having to change anything about the way they operate.

Meeting test engineer expectations

Precision farming with autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, too, benefits from ASC’s bespoke sensor technology. It keeps machinery on track, helps negotiate difficult terrain, improves vehicle dynamics and drive comfort.

In truck testing, for instance, a major German manufacturer uses ASC 5521MF triaxial capacitive accelerometers. They cover ranges from ±2 to ±200 g with a wide frequency response and are, therefore, particularly suitable for monitoring low and medium frequencies. Their robust build ensures strong resistance to reoccurring shocks of up to 6,000 g

Through years of partnering with leading vehicle manufacturers, ASC’s specialists have developed a diverse portfolio of sensor solutions for the automotive industry that support test engineers in performing optimal drive tests. Their wide frequency response and excellent impact resistance makes ASC accelerometers particularly suitable for operational stability monitoring. This includes the effects of vibrations, shocks and test-to-fail research to evaluate materials used and optimize costs.

Precision tools driving productivity

For all innovative drive concepts including e-mobility, based on hundreds of flexible configuration options for ASC’s comprehensive sensor solutions, it has never been easier to accurately manage all relevant parameters for improving your commercial vehicle’s or fleet’s efficiency, driving dynamics, safety and overall performance.

As that’s what precision commercial vehicles are all about: tools operating smoothly with the highest efficiency, so that you can focus on what matters – your business.

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